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CLeeTTRPG and other guests live on stage at SciFi Scarborough

Ampersand Productions Presents:
Cal's Questions: Season TWO

Ampersand Productions Presents:
"Homebrew Havoc"

(Voice over by CLeeTTRPG)

Homebrew Havoc PreviewVO: CLeeDandD / Music: Voyage Of Discovery by Shane Ivers -
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"Describe your character..."

I am Callum. I am a UK based professional voice actor and improv-comedian specializing in entertainment via the wonderful and beautifully nerdy past-time of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) and other popular Tabletop Role Playing Games (TTRPGs).

I am regular cast member of Homebrew Havoc in association with Ampersand Productions (

I also feature every other Saturday on DMDM Studios Descent Into Avernus campaign. You can find this  show (and others) at

I regularly appear on a variety of TTRPG streams streamed globally.

I am also the host of an upcoming TTRPG interview podcast 

"Cal's Questions"


"Having played TTRPGs for a few years, I discovered that they were the perfect environment to use my skills in voice acting and comedy to entertain fellow nerds and comedy fans!"


TTRPGs (especially D&D) are enjoying a resurgence in popularity offering incomparable escapism and entertainment. Watching actual plays of D&D and TTRPGs is becoming more and more popular, however it takes an engaging personality and a variety of skills to immerse viewers and feel like they are joining the players on a real adventure...I have worked hard to create a repertoire of a vocal and acting skills to generate convincing characters that viewers will hopefully find very entertaining, whether with comedic conversations, narrating action scenarios or heart-warming story moments...

I am also available for more traditional voice acting, be it casting for animations, radio, podcasts, advertising and more. I am also an experienced Dungeon Master...

If you would like to have me join you on your adventure for your podcast, Twitch stream, actual-play, TV/radio show, YouTube show, charity stream, live TTRPG show or anything else you believe I would be suitable for please contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Depending on the inquiry, rates may apply,

however for most TTRPG content I am happy to feature free of charge.

This site was also created to act as a social hub for members of the TTRPG community and others, feel free to visit and participate in the the forum discussions!

Examples of various traditional voice acting performances

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